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Point of Retreat  - Colleen Hoover So butterflyingly good!

I loved so many things about this book. Every character is great. It made me laugh frequently. Also made me cry often, but many of them were happy tears.

I think I liked it a lot more than Slammed due to it being from Will's perspective. You really see how much he truly loved Layken and his thoughts were much more entertaining than her's were in Slammed.

I read this over two days, but if I had the chance, I would have read it in one sitting. It was pretty hard to put down.

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo I decided to stop reading this. I've been incredibly bored with it and I've decided to not put myself through that this time. I feel really bad whenever I don't finish a book, but at some point you just have to quit and move on to something you enjoy.
Faefever - Karen Marie Moning WHAT?!? Who ends a book like that?

So glad I have the next one to read right away!
Seriously... I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres An enjoyable quick read. I did laugh out loud once...to a cat joke of course.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home - Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Paul Lee, Andy Owens, Dave Stewart, Richard Starkings As a Buffy fan who's been hesitant to read this, I'm quite disappointed in only giving this 2 stars. I worried that I wouldn't enjoy this, and it happened. :(

I still plan on checking out the next couple of volumes, I just wish I was looking forward to it.
Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples I'm officially obsessed with this series.
The Golem and the Jinni - Helene Wecker 6 stars and favorite book of the year!
A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration - Meg Keene I've only been engaged for over a week, but have been brainstorming like crazy about what type of wedding we should have. All I knew is that it would be a simple and small wedding, but the stress was already getting to me. Now after reading this book, I feel a lot more calm about the upcoming planning. I know I will get stressed again once the planning begins, so I will be picking up this book again to reread whatever chapters that are relevant in that moment of the planning.

This book taught me a lot about what weddings are truly about and to not worry about the little things. In the end, it's about having a good time with friends and family celebrating the start of your new formed family.

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